I was born in Rome, on April 17th 1975. My parents are both photographers, so I’ve been raised in a photo lab since a was a young kid. When my homework was done, I ran immediately in the dark room. I remember the indelible smell of acids and the light of the photographic enlarger: it was my personal cinema, I was astonished by the lives of people that were flowing right in front of me. As a teenager, I learned at first the film’s development and the printing from my parents, then I started holding the flash. At 16 years old, I began to work for the first marriages. The schematic nature of the marriage left no room for fantasy or imagination and so I decided to refine my photographic techniques.

2000 – I accomplished the second edition of the Postgraduate Course-Master and the Training Course in “Language of Photography” at the University of Rome Tor Vergata for the academic year 1999/2000 at the MIFAV (Museum of Photographic Image and Visual Arts). I was euphoric. I felt like a great artist, but as life always reserves some surprises, I put aside all my wishes and ambitions and I started to deal with something else.

2005Mobile phones started to have decent photographic performances so I started to shoot increasingly. No matter what the subject was, no matter for the quality, nothing existed beyond me and that phone, no outlines

2018 – With the development of smartphones the quality of the image has greatly improved, so I decided to open an Instagram account (initially supported only by a few people) to publish the photos I shoot by using the manual mode of the phone and the right technique. It allows me to communicate everything I do without necessarily being labeled or judged.

I say it clearly under my profile picture, my self-portrait: “I’m a photographer that takes photos only using smartphones. I explore all the styles, from the simplest one to the abstract up to the extreme processing”.

2019 – From January 25th to February 2nd, I took part in the first edition of the Collective Exposition called Numen Ar Prize with four photos on 40x60cm forex panels: Red Door, Red Windows, Green Window and Blue Door. That series was dedicated to the city of Mykonos, the place where they were taken.

2019From February 7th to February 20th, I took part in the Collective Exposition called Contemporary Vol. 3 (In Love) with a short video entitled Life is Love.


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